Sustainability, this is the way.

ZEN is conscious that if we want to continue growing and developing, it’s necessary to act right now to guarantee the availability of the necessary resources in the future. With this vision of sustainability, the company acts seriously in the social and environmental fields, proving its commitment with the environment and with the improvement of the employees’ and community’s quality of life.


When it comes to social responsibility, ZEN has developed a program called “ZEN Social” which involves the management of actions and projects with participation of employees, community and volunteers working as partners towards a common goal. Thousands of people benefit directly each year through this program. Projects such as information technology, language courses have given people knowledge and created opportunities for many employees, their families as well as people in many communities.


When we talk about environmental responsibility, one of the most important achievements for ZEN was the ISO 14001 certification. This is yet another example of ZEN management commitment to implement and achieve this goal. In the process of implementing, ZEN created the Environmental Management System which required the participation of all employees and performed many actions which resulted in direct, positive impacts on the environment.


One of the actions undertaken and achieved was the selecting and collecting – and then acting, transforming and assuming responsibility for ZEN. This is the way ZEN can remain sustainable. The future is right here, right now.

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