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Green Wave Award, of the Ecology Expression Award

Troféu Onda Verde, do Prêmio Expressão de Ecologia

For three years, ZEN was recognized with the Green Wave Award, of the  Ecology Expression Award, which is the biggest environmental award in the South of Brazil.

In 2018, in the "Pollution Control" category, by means of the "Atmosphere Exchange in the Ovens of the Thermal Treatment Sector" case. The company's cementing and tempering process, which aims to increase the resistance of the fabricated components and, consequently, to increase their useful life, was optimized. The intention was to emit less gases into the atmosphere. With the exchange, the efficiency of the oven was maintained, but the amount of gases needed for this process was reduced.

In 2017, with the project "Automotive Simulator with Zero Emission of Pollutants". Developed in partnership with SENAI and SESI SC, the project can generate an annual saving of 11 thousand liters of fuel, in addition to eliminating the emission of 30 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The developed device has the ability to test any one of the more than two thousand models of starting impellers manufactured by the company.


And in 2014, with the project P + L (Production + Clean), which increases the efficiency in the use of natural resources such as water, energy, gas, oil and wastes of Class 1, during the manufacturing processes. Since the implementation of P + L in 2014, ZEN has reduced the generation of contaminated solid waste by 21%, as well as achieving a saving of 550MW in electricity consumption and 2% in water consumption.



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