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ZEN has maintained its Environmental Management System certified in ISO 14001 since 2009, confirming its commitment to sustainable progress and having its employees actively participate in maintaining the certification.

Increasingly concerned with disseminating environmental preservation concepts and encouraging employee development, ZEN also actively works to manage potential environmental impacts and continuously seeks to improve its processes for pollution prevention.

Products and Packaging Disposal

In accordance with the National Solid Waste Policy and its policy focused on environmental sustainability, ZEN guides the correct disposal of its products and packaging.

Contact us at 0800 47 1919 (Brazil) or (+55) 47 3255-2800 (international calls) and receive instructions for returning the product to ZEN via reverse logistics, or make the correct disposal in your own city (if it has the selective collection) or in any receiver of waste, doing the disposal as follows:

Product ZEN as residue of METAL; Paper or plastic packaging according to their physical characteristics as residue of CARDBOARD or PLASTIC, respectively; For products that accompany the Instruction Guide, this should be discarted as PAPER.


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