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Santa Catarina Human Being

Ser Humano Santa Catarina

The Human Being Award from the Brazilian Association of Human Resources of Santa Catarina (ABRH-SC) recognizes professionals, students and public and private organizations that contributed to the evolution of the People Management practice, aiming to promote human and organizational development.

ZEN was awarded in two categories in 2014. In the People Management category, the company was awarded with its "Construindo Meu Futuro" program, which encompasses the Multiplicar, Ampliar and Click projects for the development of people. In the Social and Environmental Project category, ZEN presented the Social Inclusion in the Construction of Opportunities program. The action aims to highlight the importance of the insertion of people with disabilities and re-education of the prison system into work activities in order to bring them closer to the labor market.

In 2015, ZEN was also awarded the "Development of a Customer-Driven Culture" project, which aims to strengthen culture through the ZEN Leadership Model (MLZ), which guides leadership behaviors and contributes directly to the results of the company.

In 2018, the company was recognized in the "Development" and "Youth" categories through the "Lean Agent Course" and "Internship Growth Program" cases, with the latter already classified for the national stage of the Award. ZEN was also honored for being among the companies that have most presented cases in the history of the event in the state of Santa Catarina, having been awarded eight times in total.



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