ZEN helps remove 2.5 tons of garbage from the Itajaí-Mirim river

ZEN ajuda a retirar 2,5 toneladas de lixo do rio Itajaí-Mirim

Environmental responsibility action celebrates World Water Day

ZEN officials voluntarily helped with the removal of approximately 2.5 tons of garbage discarded irregularly on the Itajaí-Mirim river. The fifth edition of the event known as "Descent of Rio Itajaí-Mirim" was organized by Fundema (Municipal Foundation for the Environment) and by the Civil Defense of the municipality, along with partner companies, such as ZEN. The action is part of the celebrations of World Water Day (March 22) and aims to promote environmental preservation and awareness.

The event was attended by residents of the city of Brusque, among which were ZEN employees and their families. The volunteers, who registered early in the city hall portal, traveled approximately 15 kilometers from the river Itajaí-Mirim, which supplies the city, using boats and life jackets from the government agency. Participants were also able to use their own craft such as kayaks and stand up paddles. Among the material collected were tires, pet bottles and cans. 

"This is the second time ZEN has participated in this event. In doing so, we play our role as a citizen company and help raise public awareness of the impacts that improper waste disposal can have on the environment, "says Kenia Melissa Rovaris, Safety, Environment and Health Supervisor.  

The part to  be cleaned considered the Cristalina neighborhood to the Maluche Garden, where the water catching center of the city is located. In some points, the employees of SAMAE (Municipal Autonomous Service of Water and Sewage) have collected water samples for later quality analysis. 

Actions in the factory

ZEN also prepared an internal exhibition on the theme "Awareness Day on Climate Change", celebrated on March 16. By means of texts and images, the employees had the opportunity to understand what it is and what the impacts are caused by global warming, such as sea level rise and the intensification of meteorological phenomena - severe storms, windstorms, heat waves, prolonged droughts -, among others.   

In addition, the importance of preserving the environment has been the subject of some of the DDSMS (Daily Dialog on Safety, Environment and Health). Every day, five minutes before they begin their activities, ZEN employees meet to discuss and exchange ideas on a specific subject, which is established according to the needs of the company and the local community.



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