ZEN is winner of the Green Wave Award

ZEN é vencedora do Troféu Onda Verde

Atmospheric Exchange in the Ovens of the Thermal Treatment Sector is a success case for the 2018 edition of the Ecology Expression Award


For the third year, ZEN SA wins the Green Wave Award, of the   Ecology Expression Award, which is the largest environmental award in the South of Brazil. This year, the company was recognized in the category "Pollution Control", through the case "Atmosphere Exchange in Ovens of the Thermal Treatment Sector". The ceremony was held on Friday, August 31, during the 2018 Sustainable Management Forum in Florianópolis.


The winning case of the 25th Ecological Expression Award, which gathers and evaluates environmental projects in progress or already executed in the southern region of Brazil, had as its mission to help eliminate risks in the productive processes through the implementation of technologies. At ZEN, the cementing and tempering process, which aims to increase the resistance of the fabricated components and, consequently, to increase their useful life, was optimized. The intention was to emit less gases into the atmosphere. "The efficiency of the oven was maintained, but the amount of gases needed for this process was reduced. With less gas exchange, we can achieve the same results in quality," explains process development analyst Edesio Peirão.


Today, the company has five ovens adjusted with the technology. "We are very happy to once again win the Green Wave Award, because the project contemplated this year has already reduced gas emissions by 48% from April/18 until now," says Kenya Melissa Rovaris, Supervisor of Safety, Environment and Health. According to Kenya, the forecast is that by the end of the year all 10 ovens of the company will be finalized. When all stages are completed, the reduction will reach 74%, benefiting the environment even more.


The Award

Created in 1993 by Editora Expressão, the Ecology Expression Award divulges the environmental actions of the companies in the Southern region of Brazil and encourages others to follow the same path. Since then, the award has continued to boost environmental awareness among entrepreneurs and environmentalists. It became the country's largest environmental award in the business segment with recognition from the Ministry of Environment. In its 25 years of existence, it has registered 2,643 registered cases, of the main companies, NGOs, prefectures and entities of the South.



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