ZEN wins the Santa Catarina Award for Education for the third time

ZEN Ganha Prêmio Santa Catarina pela Educação pela terceira vez

Company was recognized in the years 2014, 2016, and now, in 2018, for promoting the professional qualification of its employees


Due to the commitment of promoting professional qualification actions for its team, ZEN is again winner of the Santa Catarina Award for Education. The award - also won by the company in 2014 and 2016 - was achieved with the case "Agent Lean - Unfolding the strategy through education", in the category "Corporate Education Program in a large company". The ceremony was held today at the Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Santa Catarina (FIESC), in Florianópolis.


The Santa Catarina Award for Education is an achievement of FIESC and recognizes companies that develop actions to raise schooling and professional qualification for workers. "We believe that the results obtained by our company come from the continuous professional qualification of our teams. Winning this award for the third time makes us proud because it is the result of recognition of our practices aimed at employee development," said Gilberto Heinzelmann, president of ZEN.


Christened the Lean Agent Course, the case applied by ZEN develops employees based on Lean thinking, a methodology focused on continuous improvement and elimination of waste. The classes are administered by qualified employees, valuing the internal talents and encouraging the exchange of knowledge within the company itself.


Since 2013, about 150 employees have graduated as Lean agents in the course that has an average duration of four months. The students read articles and books, discuss the concepts of the Lean methodology, develop and execute a project from a waste identified in the company, which is evaluated by a multidisciplinary bank. It should be noted that some professionals, motivated by the course, achieved internal growth through the knowledge acquired with the project.


More awards


Also, during the ceremony was the delivery of the IEL Best Practices Internship Award, in which ZEN won second place in the category of large company. The Award is an initiative of the Instituto Euvaldo Lodi and held annually to identify the main actions and experiences promoted by companies focused on the internship responsible.


The ZEN project is based on the real challenges faced by the company's trainees, that are tasked with proposing improvements to the processes in which they operate. Accompanied throughout the period, they participate in trainings and rely on exclusive development actions. At the end of the internship, they share with the organization the knowledge acquired, the activities developed and their experiences in the professional environment. In total, 20 trainees work in different areas within the company.



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