Nova Ferramenta de pesquisa dos catálogos ZEN: ONDE COMPRAR

In response to a market demand, ZEN offers a new information tool called: WHERE TO BUY. Already available in its digital catalogs, this tool will inform the sales made to the entire network of ZEN distributors in the last 12 months.


When the customer searches for a ZEN product, either in the downloadable catalogs, online or in the ZEN CAT application, it will be shown which of the nearest distributors have purchased the searched product, through geolocation.


Although the information does not guarantee the availability of stock at ZEN distributors, this will be a search alternative for the repairer customer.


ZEN appreciates the agility of the information between all its distribution network, from the factory to the repairer, therefore, this is a communication tool that will facilitate more and more the access to ZEN products.